Ten ways to help your realtor sell your home



  1. When possible, turn on all the lights in your home before a showing. This makes the buyer feel welcome, and the house will look better.


  1. Detail the exterior—landscaping, porches, lawn. Keep the grass trimmed, and landscaping free of weeds.


  1. Your front door is the first impression a potential buyer has, so make sure it’s clean and well-painted.


  1. Make sure every light bulb in the house works. A house with burned-out light bulbs says the owner is not paying attention to detail, and what else in the house has been neglected?


  1. Before you leave each day make sure the beds are made and the dishes done. Your house should be ready to be shown that day. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN WE WILL CALL YOU.


  1. Do you collect things (miniature cars, salt and pepper shakers, etc.)? Store them until after you move. We want the buyer to look at your house, not your STUFF. The same thing goes for too many photos. Two or three is okay, more than a few is distracting.


  1. Clear the magnets from the refrigerator. We all have them, but you want your kitchen to look better than everyone else’s. Neatness DOES count!


  1. Keep dogs out of the way—some people are frightened, others pay more attention to the dog than the house.


  1. Unless it just isn’t possible (such as a sick child) always leave during showings. If you are there, the buyer feels like an intruder and will hurry through your home. If you must stay home, let the person who calls to make the appointment know you cannot leave.

          Realtors don’t like surprises either.


  1. If it needs painted or fixed, do it BEFORE the house goes on the market. You only get one chance with a buyer.


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